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Join other chamas, saccos, welfare & investment groups using Tekeleza to keep their financial records.

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What is Tekeleza

Tekeleza is a financial accounting app for chamas, saccos, welfare & investment groups.

Instead of keeping records in a physical book or an excel spreadsheet, use Tekeleza to keep detailed financial records, prepare member statements, manage loans, automate reminders, etc.

What Tekeleza Has

  • Statements
  • Loan Management
  • Member Management
  • P&Ls / Balance Sheets
  • Investment Reports
  • Project Reports
  • Payment Reminders
  • Document Storage
  • Meeting Minutes
  • SMS Alerts, etc.


How it Works

Tekeleza is web based. You just signup below, create a group, add your members and begin keeping records.

Access Tekeleza through our website (www.tekeleza.com), or through the Tekeleza app available on Google Playstore.

You can check out the Tekeleza app here »

How Much is It

Tekeleza is Kes 50 per member, per month, for groups that give loans / do investments, or Kes 20 per member, per month, for groups that don't (e.g. Welfare Groups).

You get a trial period to evaluate whether Tekeleza works for your group, if you signup today. Sign up »

How to Learn It

We've intentionally built Tekeleza to be extremely easy to use.

Instructions, explanations & guides are additionally provided as you perform different admin functions inside your group.

Check out our demo group here, or create your own test group & try recording transactions yourself.

Create a Test Group »


You can opt to link your group's bank account to Tekeleza & have your statements automatically updated whenever members deposit money into the group's account.

Link your group's bank account by filling in & returning account linkage forms provided upon creating a group.


Does your group require a presentation to better understand Tekeleza? Book a presentation and we'll come for your next group meeting.

Call us on 0741719901 to book a date.


Tekeleza is pretty powerful.. Create a test group now & experience for yourself what Tekeleza is capable of doing.

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