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What is Tekeleza

Tekeleza is a financial accounting app for chamas, saccos, welfare & investment groups.

Instead of keeping records in a physical book or an excel spreadsheet, use Tekeleza to keep detailed financial records, prepare member statements, manage loans, automate reminders, etc.

What it Has

  • Statements
  • Loan Management
  • Member Management
  • P&Ls / Balance Sheets
  • Investment Management
  • Merry-Go-Round
  • Project Reports
  • Payment Reminders
  • Group Discussions
  • Meeting Minutes
  • SMS Alerts, etc.


How it Works

Tekeleza is web based. You just signup, create a group, add your members and begin keeping records.

Your members can then signup on Tekeleza to get their own accounts, join your group & begin viewing statements for themselves.

You can log into your account from this website (www.tekeleza.com), or through the Tekeleza app available on Google Playstore. (IOS coming soon).

Check out the Tekeleza app here

How Much is It

Tekeleza is Kes 30 per member, per month for standard features (Gold). Advanced features (Platinum) are Kes 100 per member, per month.

Learn more about our pricing from the table below.

Gold Platinum
Monthly Price / Member Kes 30 Kes 100
Member Savings
Member Statements
Merry Go Round
Loan Issuing
Loan Repayments
Interest Calculation
Summary Reports
P&Ls / Balance Sheets
Investment Management
Payment Reminders
Report Downloads
SMS Alerts
Loan Products 6 > 6
Credit Scoring
Guarantor Management
Paybill Integration
Email Statements

How to Use It

We've built Tekeleza to be extremely easy to use.

Instructions, explanations and how-to guides are provided as you perform different actions / operations across Tekeleza.

Check out our demo group here, or create your own test group here, and try recording a few transactions for yourself.

Loan Management

Create your own loan products and specify terms such as interest rates, calculation methods, maximum terms, etc.

When issuing loans, choose the loan product and the terms will automatically be applied to the loan recorded.

Tekeleza will help you track the loans issued, update repayments, calculate interest, prepare loan statements, send reminders, etc.

Existing Records

Transfer existing records yourself or contact us to help you transfer them.

For help, just create your group, add your members & then email us your records as instructed. We'll transfer the records for you.


Try It Out
Create a free test group & try out for yourself what Tekeleza is capable of.

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